SAMSUNG SHS-H505FBK/EN Digital Door Lock

Price: $169.00




SAMSUNG SHS-H505 FMK/FBK Digital Door Lock with RFID Card


This product is US version, with the interface and manual in English.

(Again, this product is NOT Korean version.)


Wide touch Pad Screen

User-friendly Accessibility

  • User Access code
  • Key Tag
  • Mechanical Override Keys

Keypad Volume Control
Volume adjustable (3 levels including mute)

9V Battery Back-up
When batteries are discharged, put 9V battery to back-up power

Low Battery Warning Signal
A beep sound during door access will alert you to replace batteries



Random Security Code Feature
User access code will be pressed after pressing two random numbers, preventing intruders from checking the fingerprint marks left.


  • 2 random numbers appear before entering user access code
  • Press the user access code
  • Impossible to guess user access code due to random fingerprint marks


Automatic Locking
The automatic locking feature eliminates the need to re-check for the door lock when you go out. Feel at ease when you go out and keep your home safe.

Double Authentication
The double authentication mode strengthens security. User access code plus card must be authenticated to open the door (Optional).

Anti-theft Mode
When leaving, the user can set up the anti-theft mode by simply pressing the button, preventing tampering by creating a warning sound.





  • ISO 14443A type (13.56Mhz)

User Access Code


  • Combination: 4~12 digit number combination
  • Capacity: 1 user access code / 20 RF card/key tag



  • PMMA, PC



  • -20°C ~ +60°C



  • 20~80%

Size (WxHxD) mm


  • Exterior Body: 81 x 302 x 66
  • Interior Body: 79 x 290 x 80

Door Thickness


  • Applicable 40~60 mm with FMK/EN
  • Applicable 60~80 mm with FBK/EN



  • DC 6V (AA Alkaline Batteries ) x 8 pcs
  • Battery life: Approximately 18 months (avg - 10 times per day)

Lockset Mortise Type


  • FMK/EN: SHS-AML220
  • FBK/EN: SHS-AML320
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